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“This collection of messages is so full of wisdom, encouragement and spiritual insight for today’s world you would be forgiven for thinking they were written last month, rather than nearly six decades ago. As someone who has spent much of my life communicating via radio, podcast and video, I know how vital it is to craft a message that hits home within a few short minutes. These thoughts, first delivered on radio in the 1960s, do just that. They are a treasure trove of Christian wisdom that can now be passed on to a new generation. I never knew C. Maxwell Brown but felt I somehow did by the time I had finished. 


The additional thoughts from Dan, as a grandson, bring a delightful personal touch to this collection. It feels as though the spiritual baton is being passed down the generations. Some years ago I had the privilege of recording an extended interview with my own grandfather about his experiences as a POW during World War 2 which led him to a life of Christian ministry. He passed away soon after, but it remains a meaningful encounter that shapes who I am today. The stories, experiences and wisdom of our forebears must be not be forgotten, but treasured, told and shared anew with each generation. I am so grateful for Dan, for his friendship to me and and for his faithfulness in bringing his own grandfather’s humour, love and life lessons to many more people today.”

Justin Brierley

Author, broadcaster and speaker and host of the ‘Unbelievable?’ and ‘Ask NT Wright Anything’ podcasts

“Dan has been a personal friend and a professional colleague of mine for over 20 years. I was intrigued when I heard he was working on a book to honor the thoughtful wisdom and faith-filled insight of his grandfather. I was moved by the applicability his words from the 1960s have on our society today. My original intent was not necessarily to find a strong faith walk, but this book certainly inspired me to do so!”

Bob Sutton copy.jpg

Bob Sutton

Chief Executive Officer, Avera Health - Serving South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska

“This book is a joy to read. Dan’s authentic voice leaps off of the pages. To learn about Dan's walk toward faith inspired in part by his Grandpa Max’s words, stories from so long ago, was a real gift to me!"

Marla Meyer copy.jpg

Marla Meyer

Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons

Serving South Dakota, North Dakota, Western Minnesota, & NW Iowa

“As a father, a husband, a surgeon, and an entrepreneur who’s passionate about the people I serve every day, I’ll be encouraging all of them to read this book. Feels like grandpa gave me this "gift" as an inspired work woven together between a grandson and grandfather.  I’ve known Dan for more than 20 years, and he's touched on something here that’s beautiful and available to us all."

John Berdahl copy.jpg

John Berdahl, MD

Professor - University of South Dakota

Ophthalmologist, Vance Thompson Vision

“Words of wisdom are timeless, and this book illustrates how relevant the lessons of the past -- in this case, from Grandpa Brown – still hold true today. It's an easy read that illustrates the critical importance of keeping one's faith central and living with Christian intentionally through all the ups and downs of life. A great read.”

Paul TenHaken copy.jpg

Paul TenHaken
Mayor, Sioux Falls, SD
Christian, Father, Husband, Entrepreneur

“After reading this book, I am not surprised that the inspiration for it came from someone with North Dakota roots.  “Grandpa” Brown’s messages are informed by nearly 30 years of ministering to the incredibly kind and faithful people of our great state. The message of this text is not only timeless, but it is a reminder that Christ is the source of all joy: past, present, and future. 


Although decades have passed and the world has modernized the problems of the time, we can trust that God is present. His love is given freely to us and through us as we lay claim to his message of hope.  I thank Dan for republishing this book and for challenging us to BOLDLY say yes when faced with the choice to live simply and freely in the love and promise of Christ.”

Polly Peterson copy.jpg

Polly Peterson, PhD

President, The University of Jamestown

Jamestown, North Dakota

“There’s an old African proverb that says ‘When an old person dies a library burns down.’ In these pages we unlock a library like no other and are transported through time to a world that is so different and so very like our own. I’ve come to know Dan through our work together at Premier Insight. I am grateful for him and this book, as it’s stories weave a grandson’s walk through his days to the timeless wisdom of his grandfather. This is a book to be savored, not rushed. In it you’ll find a wisdom available for us all, at all times. It’s amazing what faith can do, and this book may just help us all take it even more seriously.”

Peter Kerridge copy.jpg

Peter Kerridge

President & Chief Executive Officer, Premier Christian Communications & Premier Insight

Author, Entrepreneur & Pastor

“At RESGEN, we are always looking for ways and resources to inspire and help men deepen their relationships with God and others and grow in their Christlikeness in every area of their lives - and we just found another one! In his book, Grandpa's Gift, Dan has effectively connected his story of desiring to take his faith more seriously to the timeless wisdom his grandfather shared so many decades ago. I have no doubt this book will inspire everyone who reads it to strengthen their relationships, with both God and others, and serve everyone they are connected to, with a Christ-like love.”

Tom Henderson copy.jpg

Tom Henderson

RESGEN Founder/Speaker 

Best Selling Author and Host of the RESGEN Giving Life Podcast

“As I finished reading ‘Grandpa’s Gift’, I was struck by What “a gift” it is! It’s Very properly named! The practical wisdom detailed in the spiritual insights Grandpa Max derived from the Word of God and the Holy Spirit apply today and will continue to prove useful for generations to come! I am someone who's spent a career coaching & teaching young adults in sport. As a coach instructs an athlete with patience & support, this book shows how a grandfather can still "coach" a grandson, even though he left his earthly body more than 35 years ago. There is truly something here for everyone, regardless of season of life in which they find themselves.”

Tom Goehle copy.jpg

Tom Goehle

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, The University of Nebraska

Former Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes & Sports Ambassadors International Ministry

“Dan has done a masterful job of combining his grandfather’s sermons from over 50 years ago, with his own faith walk. Including the struggles, perseverance, and final victory that comes when we encounter Christ, and begin to see the world and our neighbors through the eyes of God. Without question, the biblical principles that Dan and his grandfather unpack in this book are absolutely God’s roadmap.’

Todd Knutson copy.jpg

Todd Knutson

Author “The Kingdom Force”

Vice President of Advancement, The University of Sioux Falls

“At Throne, we’ve published more than 450 books for authors all over the world. I am always excited to see an author’s project come to life and often really inspired by their books. But, this one, THIS one, has really moved me and I know it will move you, too. Dan takes us on a grandson's journey to an intentional, bold and ultimately new life-giving response to Jesus' call for all us. His Grandpa Maxwell’s faith-filled wisdom from the early 60’s helped him get there, and I hope it helps you too.


I'll never forget when Dan first showed me the book and, as I read Maxwell's words from decades ago, realized how relevant to today they are.  I'm so grateful for Dan taking the time to add his commentary and thoughts, which add incredible value and perspective to his grandfather’s timeless wisdom!”

Jeremy Brown copy.jpg

Jeremy Brown

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Throne Publishing Group

“As a Believer & a leader of people from all kinds of experiences & backgrounds, I am grateful for this book. The story weaves a grandson’s walk toward a higher calling in this life to the timeless wisdom of his grandfather. It’s a wisdom available for us all, at all times. It’s amazing what an active & intentional faith can do. This book may help us all be more intentional with our life, our actions and our habits. These messages from another season in American history are relevant and inspiring for today. My prayer is you would be drawn nearer to and see Jesus more clearly as you enjoy this work.”

Ross Allen copy.jpg

Ross Allen

President, Bethel University

Retired Medtronic Executive

“I hired Dan nearly 20 years ago…at the conclusion of our introductory lunch, my offer to him was scribbled on the back of a napkin. This book shows a deeper side of him that I instinctively knew was there. I’m so pleased that he has undertaken this journey to share what drives his decision making every day. It’s apparent to our associates, customers and vendors that Dan walks the talk and that’s refreshing in these times. I hope you will enjoy these timeless, relatable stories and the remarkable interplay between grandfather and grandson. It’s worth your time.” 

John H. Nelson copy.jpg

John H. Nelson 

CEO & Chairman, HUB International - Great Plains 

“This book touched my heart. To learn about Dan's intentional steps, made clearer by his grandfather’s lessons from long ago, gradually leading him toward a strong faith was a real gift to me and I believe it will be to so many others!  I’m excited to be a partnered with Rock Ranch in the ministry of hope & healing for all."

Lynn Moore copy.jpg

Lynn Moore 

Founder & CEO, Acres for Life - Therapy & Wellness Center

"I was raised in East Palo Alto California, the Bay Area! It would have been incredible to have heard Grandpa Max's messages coming in hot over the California radio waves! I am also a followers and servant of Christ Jesus. I am thankful for this book and for the story it tells of a man wrestling in his faith while working to be the best husband, father and business professional he can be. I am striving to do the same in my life, and this book enriched my journey. The lessons are rich with wisdom for this generation and generation to come! We must keep it moving towards Christ Jesus!" #K.I.M. #OneGod #Bsheku #GrandpaMax

Sheku Bannister copy.jpg

Sheku Bannister 

Follower of Jesus, Husband, Dad, Market Executive Midco, Sioux Falls Civil Right Commissioner, Musician, Writer, CEO of Survival Records, Founder of K.I.M. - Keep It Moving

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